Monday, September 27, 2010

True Patriot Love

Well we've painted a lot of pictures on many different surfaces but this is the first time we've painted on military helmets! This was our job this past week at the Bay Breeze Art Gallery.
We were asked to paint something unique and individual on these helmets to be auctioned off
in Fredericton to help support military families in need.
The mother instinct in Marie Oliver and myself came out with our messages of hope and peace!
Marie painted butterflies on hers with the message< "Butterflies are Free" and mine was a collage depicting the symbolic dove carrying the message of "Peace".
This was special to me this year because our family welcomed home my nephew Cpl. Adam Elfner (age 22) from Afganistan after his first deployment. We were so thankful that he returned safe, although several of his very close comrades did not. Adam is back in university where he is working on a degree in history.
This week marks the start of new art classes at the gallery. There is still room in all the classes so if you are interested please call Adrienne at 548-2160 or Marie at 548-3493. Little Kids classes begin next Saturday.


  1. Hi Adrienne:

    Nice blog and very informative. I love those helmets but I doubt if you will find any tough male, military types willing to model them!



  2. Very Creative! I like the idea of using items of war to communicate peace!

  3. It is beautiful art for a noble cause