Wednesday, August 18, 2010

They're Back!

Welcome to the August Session of the Little Kids Art Camp! On Monday we had 6 new little artists show up at the gallery, 5 little girls, Lola, Eve, Annabelle, Alina and Jenna and one little man - Eric!
The little kids worked on their portfolio, then had a yoga session at the tower with Charlene Pearce and this was followed with a picture of a lizard created with oil pastels and watercolor.
Other activities this week will include painting plaster of paris dinosaurs, tie-dyeing t-shirts, making an acrylic painting, creating our heritage in flags of our origin and drawing techniques.
On Tuesday Lacy Sullivan joined us to lend her special talents in helping the younger children with their work. Good to see you back Lacy!
Next week it's the big kids art class!

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