Monday, June 7, 2010

Just back from Sedona, Az.

Hello all - I've just returned from a fabulous week with Robert Burridge at the Sedona Arts Center in beautiful upper Sedona!

This course was just what the Dr. ordered - a shot in the arm of enthusiasm and fun! I learned so much in the 5 days that I now need to digest all the information on techniques and marketing.

I won't wait too long though before I pass on some of this information to my many students who want to break out of the box and break all the rules of traditional art making.

My first courses will begin this Thurs. evening at 6 p.m. and run for 3 hours and again on Tues. morning, the 15th and begin at 9 until noon. We will play with acrylic color on gessoed water-color paper. This will be soooooh different from what you have done before! If you wish to partake please call me at 548-2160 to let me know because space is limited. We need lots of room. The fee for this course is $30 for each 3 hour class.

I now have art supplies in the gallery for sale but please bring what acrylic paint you have on hand. Also bring:

Viva paper towels - Large paint brushes - gesso Acrylic paint
rubbing alcohol - acrylic mediums - heavy gauge plastic
water color paper 140, 200 or 300 lb. - if you have it - water based varnish
an apron and old clothes

Hope to see you there!

Picasso stated, "Every child is an artist", and I say, "Every artist is a child - so let's have fun and forget our inhibitions and play"!


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  1. Is this workshop something that is sequential or could one attend just once?